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Monday, 20 February 2012

Collected Notes #2 - Cultural Recesses of Our Minds

Vague Notes from a Disorganized Desk

Canadian documents, scraps, letters:

The Executive Director’s memo to anyone who has local language words and English translation for dictionary project.  A lonely colleague’s scrawled missive expressing relief in having had a firm bowel movement.  A Canadian volunteer’s telegram, dismay at my publication of an idea, she writes, “How on earth could  you suggest that financial accounts are cultural?”

From my desk, I observe Thai real time theatre:

Pochai, a new arrival to the office, discretely distributes cash loans from desk to desk a week before paycheques.  Lisa, the girl in the market, comes to the office door with vegetables to sell to the foreigner (me), with a smile that belies the ardour in her eyes.  The women office workers turn their eyes to her, away, then to me moments later.  A United Nations World Food Programme electrolyte packet, intended for malnourished children, is pulled deftly from a desk drawer, torn at a corner with polished nails, and mixed into Nuanyung’s iced water.  Ah, the office meeting call: office boy clicking fingers, side jerk of head toward office manager’s closed door, a terse breathless calling of name: Patung!  Patung grates from his chair, sweat already breaking on his brow.

My brain: always wondering what motivates individuals, brain waves and synapses that ignite the cultural recesses of our minds.

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