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Friday, 20 April 2012

Collected Notes #9 - Insanity

Note From Home

And then, I found this note from home… my mother staying in touch…
<< Sitting in the sunshine.  Marvellous walks with your nephew Kyle.  These are good.
We stop and look and discover.  Walks that include around and about the neighbourhood.  Kyle finding a friend!  Name is Ryan.  Found him by adventuring along the path beside our garden, over the compost heap, through a hole in the fence, into foreign territory, and then Ryan's backyard.  What courage!  What excitement!  There's hammering and building and digging now.  A hole to Thailand.  Swings and other important things to discuss.
The summer has slipped by.  The large, exciting clouds have returned and the nights are again cool.  I heard geese as they flew over last evening.  Kyle and I chose long walks in the mud flats, puddling along the river, looking for crayfish, turning stones, laughing as we got soaked standing in the current.  Once we saw a garter snake take to the water, keeping its head up.  Escaping us because we tried to catch it.  Kyle's first sight of a snake.
One's vision of the world turns again to the tiny things with small children.  Bugs!  Bright pebbles!  Seeds that form in so many ways!  Spiders that spin not just one kind of web!  Grasshoppers that fly as well as jump!  Crickets!  The discovery of big rocks!  Kyle splits them to seek the treasure inside and loads himself with different weights and sizes and colours...>>
I wonder if my insanity set in when I gave up attention to detail.
Or our insanity set in when we gave up on the universe in a grain of sand.

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