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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gender in Development - Abridged

Gender in Development may be a natural union of two huge cultural forces (one being western feminism and the other industrialism), strange bedfellows, led into the mission field by a moral conviction similar to the zeal of evangelists of other eras, and, at another level, equally oblivious to their own covert, passionate needs for power, for destruction, and for the paradoxical rewards of futility and sacrifice.

An evolution of definition of Gender in Development:

1)         a language in which the sexual connotations of nouns or pronouns and the syntactic use thereof is going through a period of change, either as a natural course of events or as the result of deliberate action
2)         a language which is expanding, improving, or proceeding through some natural cycle, and possibly all simultaneously, with respect to its syntactic use of sex in nouns and pronouns
3)         a language suddenly enlightened to its sexual syntax
4)         possibly, a deliberate construction of language with special reference to sexual syntax
5)         the occurring existence of sex as in female/male; the act of sex occurring; something is actively being sexed, that is created or defined, by an external agent; or something is actively having sex done to it by an external agent
6)         expanding sex, possibly numerically, possibly in size; improved sex, as in a better model or a better action; sex proceeding through some evolution
7)         sex is coming to exist, is existing, or has been existing, either as an object or action
8)         bio-engineering of sex; the construction of sexual edifices
9)         socio-engineering of sex; power; politics
10)       welcome the masses (José Ortega y Gasset) to their brave new world
11)       someone is (the masses are) getting fucked.

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